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Supporting Solana NFT projects


Project listing, rarity calculation, search by traits, order by rank or price, direct-linking marketplaces, floor prices, charts and history. See examples: MillionSols DAO, Cyber Frogs


Send new listings directly to your Discord server. Including link, marketplace, price, image, traits, rarity and rank. Supported marketplaces: MagicEden, Solanart, AlphaArt.


Monitoring royalties wallet and send new sales directly to your Discord server. Including price, marketplace, transaction, image, traits, rarity and rank.


Tool to burn NFTs (unwanted/spam) and to close empty token accounts. Burner


Tweets fully automated: Sales (high price, high rank and/or every sale) & burns!


Community-Sweep - Tool to sweep NFT floors. Community decides if sweep & burn or sweep & giveaway. See examples: Cyber Frogs

F.R.O.G. Machine

We built the first NFT blender on Solana Blockchain months ago well known as F.R.O.G. Machine, where you can fully customizable your PFP by combining two of your frogs. Just choose the traits you want to keep, the second NFT gets burnt to decrease the collection supply. Already built variations of that for other well known NFT projects. Contact: Cyber Frogs

Non-Escrow Staking

Together with our friends at Cyber Frogs we built one of the first non-escrow NFT staking platforms on Solana. Need staking for your project? Contact us or talk directly with Cyber Frogs!

Auction House + Raffle System

In cooperation with Cyber Frogs we offer also services for NFT projects like auction house and raffle systems. Check it out: Auction house and raffles


Fully dynamically ranking system (MDRS - MillionSols Dynamically Ranking System) and overview of burnt NFTs through blend and burn using for example F.R.O.G. Machine.

NFT Portfolio

Tiny tool to see your NFT portfolio, floors and ranks at one place. You are also able to send NFTs in bulk => see My NFTs


Thor (beta) - Trading tools for stocks, futures, forex, cfds, crypto and NFTs.